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Wherever your sales development priorities lie, our three offers provide you with all the assistance you need:


Expert support and follow-up across all business performance aspects

  • Business department audits (Resources, Organization, Policy & Strategy, Hands-On Aspects, Working Methods, Tools, etc.)
  • Structuring & rolling out sales organization
  • Offer diagnostics
  • Support with segmenting client portfolios
  • Measuring B2B/B2C client satisfaction levels
  • Optimizing Retail performance


Injecting flexibility and adaptability into Business resources

  • Sales staff delegating: providing specialist expertise & skill-sets;
  • Management by our experts to ensure our staff are more productive and better-performing at a faster pace
  • Onboarding scheme
  • Assistance in implementing commercial offers (in complex RFI/RFQ contexts)
  • Lead generation and performance plan expansion programs
  • Business transition management
  • Sales director and manager recruitment


Developing skills by emphasizing on behavioral aspects

  • Skill-set auditing
  • Mapping out skill-set and career development plans
  • Drawing up training plans
  • Negotiation/Reponses to calls for tender/Sales technique training/Category Management
  • Employee support through taking up a new role or changing roles
  • Department-specific coaching
  • Digital tool (mobile apps) development for innovative coaching


SellingPeers is your growth accelerator with experts on hand to support you at every stage along the road to development. We provide you with the exact right level of expertise you need, in addition to flexibility in the resources we plow into helping you grow. Our approach involves coaching directors and managers in business development, before proposing the right external resources for you to fulfil the goals outlined in your business plan. We take an ROI-oriented approach to the projects we take on in order to build lasting relationships with our clients.

A growth accelerator for start-ups on hand to support you every step of the way

Phase 1 :

  • Ensuring offers are in line with markets or identifying needs generating emerging markets
  • Structuring business resources in line with business plans
  • Pinpointing target clients

Phase 2 :

  • Business strategy
  • Sales force sizing & organization
  • Testing offers, business models, pilots
  • Offer pitching & documentation

Phase 3 :

  • Operational implementation conducted by a SellingPeers business developer
  • Drawing on initial client feedback to hone pitches
  • Pinpointing & managing sales pipelines
  • Customer loyalty programs

Phase 4 :
Early Stage

  • Structuring business activities
  • Training & supporting sales forces
  • Developing additional value-added services
  • Broadening the ecosystem
  • Measuring client satisfaction levels

Close to home

Our in-depth knowledge of distribution trades and our fied expertise inspired us to offer support to major food industry by helping them manage their short channels. NearbyPeers provides an extra sales force operating only in inner city paris led by a distribution expert Saled Manager who will report all your quantitatve and qualitative saled force on a local level. If you’re seeking to gain a foothold in this segment or reinforce your presence in Paris, whether full-time or on a seasonal basis, we’re here to help you make it work.

inside sales

In addition to our operational business support, we can also provide an inside sales force. Our inside sales team detects leads, secures appointments, conducts project follow-up and improves product referencing for e-stores.

business cases